7 high-paying side gigs for fresh graduates outside Tech

7 high-paying side gigs for fresh graduates outside Tech

It is no more news that there is limited work for Nigerian graduates. Many graduate from university only to be faced with the big challenge of where to earn their living. While some may have found foundation in tech before or immediately they graduated from school, many are there who are still looking for that wonderful opportunity to earn a living.

If you think that all there is to making money after graduation is lying within the circumference of tech, then you need to have a rethink. This is because I will be taking out time to list and write briefly on other side gigs that you can engage in as a fresh graduates.

Tech industry is good and has good pay. However, seeing it as the begining and the end of all you need to make a living as a fresh graduates is the lie.

Health promotion and healthcare workers

There is no doubt that medics and paramedics are making it big with this profession. However, every aspect of medicine does not need you to be a doctor or a nurse. You still be employed by several of the nongovernmental agencies within the country to render other services within the facility. Most private hospitals also engage graduates to be their receptionist. They have good pay as well. Moreover, you can also be more like a focal person to disseminate information about health to the rural dwellers.


Our educational system is one of the oldest systems in the country that can serve for you as a side gig. You must not have read education in the university to teach in secondary school. You bring in your specialist area and use it to impact the student and further make difference in terms of your financial life.

Here, you can work for the government or for the private sector. A little challenge you may notice here is that the private may not pay you reasonably except you work in the urban centers. Moreover, you have to be extremely good to really enjoy the teaching job.

Bands and other mini financial institutions:

Bank is another institution where you can be employed with any certificate you have. They can comfortably employ you to carry out certain activities within the bank on your own. You can also decide to engage in Point of Sale transaction as part of your existing business. The financial sector offers various career options, including accounting, banking, and financial analysis. You can also find your place in there and start life with whatever the income will be.

Marketing and advertising:

You can also engage and be part of the marketing team for big firms. You are sure to earn big from this very single sector. If you read marketing and you understand the nitty-gritty of marketing, then you are in to hammer. Yes, you can work for companies and bring in more sales for them which can bring more money to you.

Practices of law:

Law is a noble profession. Law graduates have unlimited options in life. You can decided to submit your qualifications and start taking care of properties belonging to either government or individuals. You can also decide to practice on your own as a solicitor and attorney for people in their cases. However, there may be need for you to attach with a law firm so as to be used often.

Speech-writing and Journalism:

One of the strongest and most self-impacting industry in every nation is the writing section. It is either you are writing speech for people, or drafting out plans for them to follow. Whichever one, be sure you will earn big.

Most of these news agencies also need personnel to be able to cover most of the recent happening in order to meet the need of their teaming reader-audience.

Depending on what you can offer, you can decide to engage in one. You can also be writing articles to foreign business and earn in dollars. It is very simple and easy.

Creative arts:

Skit-making is not essentially tech-based. It requires your level of creativity and the ability to make people happy. You need to have it as a skill. This is why so many people that took their madness to Facebook or Twitter is earning money.

Creative arts such as music and music and filmmaking have made many graduates to be outstanding within the country.


As a fresh graduates that just finished your NYSC, it is important that you look for something you can get yourself engaged with. There is no law that says that it must be tech. You can look for something that you have passion in and that can also fetch you money.

The most important to establish oneself is during NYSC but if you have past such time then you surely need to make a start with what you have.

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