Cell Phone risks – all you need to know about exposure to smartphones

Cell phone risks

The world has never been the same since the invention of smartphones. Different beliefs have as followed cell phone risks. What we call the smartphone was invested in 1992 and was made available for purchase by the public in 1994. Since then, it has multiplied in brands and sophistication. You now have smartphones that you can use for many other activities. However, one question has been important to everyone and has been on the lips of everyone who is using a smartphone – is it safe to use a smartphone?

Research has been carried out at the level of organization and also personal level and it has been documented that smartphone poses no threat to human health directly. However, some have pointed out that it can be a medium of infection transmission, especially during outbreaks. The basis of such claims is that most people have come to be addicted to using their phones both in toilets and in other key places.

In this post, I will take out time to answer your questions and those asked by other people. I will also write some simple rules to obey while you are active and I will also tell you about how helpful smartphone has been to our daily lives.

Cell phone exposure risks

We have all heard many things as risks associated with the use of smartphones. However, it is important to note that there is no major direct risk associated with our exposure to our devices. Even if it emits rays as some people still hold dear to them today, the radioactive rays are so infinitesimal to cause problems.

Devices have also been produced in the form of robots to be able to clean your smartphone anytime you are scared that it may be a means of you contracting the infection. It is also important to deflate the claim that exposure to smartphones portends the danger of having cancer. No scientific research has been able to prove this correct.

Cell phone risks while driving?

One of the major causes of accidents while driving has been named after cell phones. People try to make calls using their smartphones while they are driving and this always has a bad effect. Take, for instance, someone who is driving may receive bad news over the phone. This may make him lose control of the steering and can lead to accidents that may claim lives.

When driving, it is therefore important that you refrain from making calls as it can share your focus and make you have a road traffic accident that may claim your life and that of your family. it is important to always maintain full focus while steering to avoid unforeseen contingencies.

Cell phone hazard in the workplace

The cell phone has always shown to be a great companion when you are working either at home or in your place of work. However, one thing is sure to understand – cell phone hazards in the workplace can be fatal. It can be enough to claim the life of anyone.

In most busy areas, people or workers are advised not to turn their phones on. This is to ensure that there is effective damage control going on within the office. it is also important to note that hazards caused by cell phones in the workplace may not be caused directly by the smartphone.

The world has modernized and it is not appropriate for anyone not to use a smartphone. It is important in all you do. In your place of work, you will need your smartphone for surfing the internet for more information or other sundry matters.

Cell phone dangers while sleeping

It is also advised that you don’t use your phone on your body while sleeping. This is where it is important for you to understand that the major challenge that comes with using a smartphone is that you will be disturbed while you try to use it while you sleep. People who have direct contact may disturb you each time you have a call.

Cell phone use in pregnancy risk for a child

Does cell phone use in pregnancy risk for a child? No! It is good to know that cell phone does not have a documented risk when it comes to pregnancy. It is not within the body and there is no means that will make it to enter the body.

During pregnancy, especially when the gestation age of the pregnancy is up to 3 to 4 months, it is advised that pregnant women should start attending their Antenatal clinic to get more information about their babies and ensure that the baby is growing very well.

Importance of smartphone

The entire world has never remained the same since the advent of smartphones. It has changed the dimension and mode of operation in our daily lives and activities. I will be outlining 10 different ways smartphones have changed the course of our daily actions below:

  1. Internet search/web browsing: through your smartphones, you can now browse and surf the internet to get vital information on your health, business, or occupation. It has been proven that an average human being use his smartphone for internet services more than 10 times a week.
  2. Phone calls: the barrier in communication has drastically reduced since the commercial production of cell phones. It has really made communicating with people easier and simpler regardless of the distance they may be in. This is one of the great achievements that smartphone has brought to everyone.
  3. Listening to music: If you are not among the Gen Z category, you probably understand what it means and takes to carry a musical instrument from one place to another. You will understand how simple the use of a smartphone for your music and songs has come to be for too many people. Most importantly, it has also reduced the level of noise pollution from playing music when any other person around does not want it.
  4. Using social media apps: You can access your Facebook and Twitter using your smartphone. this is how important the device has come to be for you and many other persons out there.
  5. Sharing/sending photos and videos: People share all kinds of information using their smartphone devices. They share their photos and videos immediately without wasting time.
  6. Banking: Most banks have also created apps to help you in doing your transactions. They have also created apps to always be there more like a mini bank for you. This has helped many people to survive many attacks and strange times instead of waiting for the bank to intervene first.
  7. Shopping: Using Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other online platforms for making purchases, you can buy and sell from the comfort of your home without making an inch of movement. This is one of the reasons why most people are always with their phones to give them access to different services they want.
  8. Global positioning system/navigation/location-based services: Today, people can go anywhere whether it is a new location or old without missing a road. This is possible because you have GPS on your phone. This GPS helps you to ensure that you continue to have full control over your address and be able to monitor where you are easily using your map.
  9. Video calls: During the covid-19 time people engaged using Zoom and other virtual communication channels that helped them make calls with their phones and see the person at the other end of the phone.
  10. Apps: You can also get different other apps that perform different activities ranging from payment apps, exercise apps, etc.


It should be noted that the use of smartphones is not in any way against our health and does not stand to cause any problems directly.

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