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With the level of online vices going on, we are very serious and conscious of protecting your privacy, especially when you are on our website or its affiliated sites. Our aim remains to serve you by giving you needed updates on the latest and trending news. In the course of serving you, we have ensured that your information is protected.

Comments and contact forms, if made and filled within our website will only use your IP address to check for spam. Google Analytics installed within this website helps us to track the number of daily users of our site and their demographic to help us provide more quality and helpful content.


We also wish to inform you that while we try our best to ensure that information provided on this platform is correct, such may not be without some errors. Therefore, our articles are for educational purposes and do not in any way stand as a substitute for professional advice.

Images and references made within the posts on this platform are used to buttress points for more understanding. We do not directly collect any data from the users of our platform. However, some posts may contain affiliate links that are posted to help not to be a victim of internet vices.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the posts within this website may contain affiliate links. Whether you use the affiliate link to make your purchase, or you decide to go to an offline vendor to make your purchase, the price will still be the same. However, we receive a small commission when you make the purchase using the secured and encrypted affiliate link within our post. The reviews on our website are independent reviews.

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