Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships 2024

It is another great opportunity for everyone looking for support for their research projects on Commonwealth-related topics. This year’s support from the Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships for research projects is now open to all international students.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is an internationally recognized organization that has made enormous contributions towards the growth of education across the globe. The association has formed a strong fulcrum of support through grants and scholarships for many international students, thereby promoting educational growth across borders.

ACU is known to help advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and improve lives. The vision of the association is to champion higher education as a cornerstone of stronger societies, supporting our members, partners, and stakeholders. …

The Round Table funds the studentships: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs and the journal’s publisher, Routledge, in association with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

Commonwealth-related topics

To be a recipient of this scholarship or grant for your research, you need to be working on any of the topics outlined below:

  • Relate to the Commonwealth as a whole or any Commonwealth-wide institution or organization.
  • Have a Commonwealth comparative aspect.
  • Be of relevance to more than one Commonwealth country.
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Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentship

Application Deadline:31 Jul 2024
Value:GBP 5,500
Type:PhD and DPhil
Humanities and Social Sciences:Humanities and Social sciences
Sponsor:Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
Gender:Men and Women
Countries:The UK and commonwealth countries

Who can apply for the Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships?

Two studentships are available, each with a maximum value of GBP 5,500; however, to be a beneficiary of this scholarship program, you have to meet some conditions, which include:

You have to be a PhD student registered at a UK university. You will access this support if you are currently doing your PhD program at one of the universities in the United Kingdom or in the area of courses that are accepted by ACU.

You can also have this support for your research if you are a PhD student registered at ACU member universities in Commonwealth countries other than the UK. You have been in one of the ACU member countries and are currently studying one of the courses covered by the association. Check out the Commonwealth countries here to be sure that you qualify for Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships.

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Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentship Courses

Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships covers two disciplines, as listed below:

  • Humanities
  • Social Science

Conditions for Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

If you are currently studying in the UK or any of the Commonwealth countries, you also need to be in the area of coverage by the association. In addition to the above two conditions, you also need to have your research in line with the focus of commonwealth in your PhD/DPhil.

Preference may be given to disciplines usually covered by The Round Table journal, including (but not exclusively) politics, international relations, economics, international history, geography, law, development studies, and area studies.

Application Requirement for Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

The application form for Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships will ask you to provide the following information: 

  • Summary of your proposed research topic for the Routledge/Round Table Studentship Awards (100–400 words).
  • Summary of your intended outcomes if you are successful in applying for an award (100–400 words).
  • Summary of the likely impact of your research and why you think it is important (100–400 words).
  • Summary of how the award would benefit your research (100–400 words). 
  • Name of your proposed mentor. Applicants are encouraged to informally approach at least one potential mentor. Please note that if an applicant is successful, they will be required to obtain a letter of support from their mentor to agree to the mentorship before their studentship is confirmed. 
  • Two references (one of your referees should be your current PhD/DPhil supervisor). These should be sent directly by referees to
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The role of mentorship

As part of the studentship, applicants are required to identify and work with a mentor at a university in a Commonwealth country other than that in which they are based. This should be an expert in a subject linked to the applicant’s subject of research, who will be able to provide support and advice during the studentship.

The mentor will be expected to hold a minimum of two virtual meetings with the student during the period of the studentship. They will be expected to be in contact with the students by email to share their experiences in their relevant field, provide advice around publishing, events, and trends in their field, and challenge and empower the students to consider new ways of thinking.

The mentor will also be expected to contribute to either the podcast or the article that the student is expected to produce at the end of the studentship and will be paid an honorarium of £500 GBP, payable at the end of the studentship. Mentors must read and abide by the?mentor code of conduct guidelines.

Application Deadline

Applications open: May 1, 2024
Applications close: July 31, 2024, 16:00 UTC

How to Apply

For more details, visit OFFICIAL LINK

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