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PTDF Scholarship Scheme for Overseas and Local 2024 | Appy now!

Your guide to winning this PTDF scholarship scheme is here. The good news is that the application process is simple to come by, and if you follow the right guide while applying for the scholarship, your success will be high.

The PTDF (Petroleum Technology Development Fund) Scholarship Scheme for Overseas and Local 2024 is a prestigious program aimed at empowering and developing human capacity in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. This scheme provides opportunities for both local and overseas study in various fields related to the petroleum industry.

As the demand for skilled professionals in this sector continues to grow, the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 offers a unique chance for students to gain a high-quality education, enhance their skills, and contribute to the development of their country’s oil and gas sector.

Overview of the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024

  1. A minimum of Second Class Upper (2.1) qualification in their first degree or a Second Class Lower (2.2) with relevant industry experience
  2. Must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC)
  3. Must be computer literate
  4. Possession of 5 O/level credits, including English Language and Mathematics.
  5. Statement of purpose (maximum 500 words) stating the reason(s) for the proposed study, its relevance to the industry, and its expected impact on national development.
  6. Applicants must have a National Identity Number (NIN) and verification will be required (NIMC verification charges apply)before applying for the scholarship.
  7. Apply Now!!!

The PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 is open to Nigerian students who wish to pursue their studies either locally or abroad in disciplines relevant to the oil and gas industry. This scheme covers a wide range of courses, including engineering, geosciences, environmental sciences, renewable energy, petroleum economics, and management. The program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the growth and development of the Nigerian petroleum industry.

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Under this scheme, the PTDF provides funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses for successful applicants. The duration of the scholarship depends on the level of study, with undergraduate programs lasting for four years, master’s programs for two years, and Ph.D. programs for three years. Scholars are also entitled to an annual allowance to cover research and study materials.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for PTDF Scholarships

To be eligible for the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024, applicants must be Nigerian citizens and possess a minimum of a second-class upper (2.1) degree in a relevant field of study. For master’s degree applicants, a minimum of an upper credit (2.2) in their first-degree program is required. Ph.D. applicants must have a minimum of a master’s degree with a research thesis in a relevant field.

Applicants must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) or have an exemption certificate. They are also required to possess a valid admission offer or letter of acceptance from a reputable university, both within Nigeria and overseas. Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of their academic transcript, curriculum vitae, and research proposal for Ph.D. applicants.

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Benefits and Opportunities for PTDF Scholars

The PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 provides numerous benefits and opportunities for successful applicants. Scholars receive full funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, allowing them to focus entirely on their studies and research. They also receive an annual research and study allowance to support them in acquiring the necessary materials and conducting research.

Furthermore, PTDF scholars have access to mentorship and coaching programs provided by experienced professionals in the oil and gas industry. This provides them with valuable insights and guidance throughout their academic journey. Scholars may also have the opportunity to participate in internships and industrial attachments with reputable oil and gas companies, gaining practical experience and exposure to the industry.

Upon graduation, PTDF scholars are expected to contribute to the development of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. They are encouraged to work in the sector for a minimum of five years after completing their studies, either in the public or private sector. This commitment ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired through the program are effectively utilized in the industry.

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Application Process and Deadlines for PTDF Scholarships 2024

The application process for the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 is conducted online through the PTDF website. Applicants are required to fill out an application form, which includes personal and academic details, and upload relevant documents such as academic transcripts, admission offers, and research proposals for Ph.D. applicants.

The deadline for applications for the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 is typically announced on the PTDF website and other relevant platforms. Applicants need to adhere to the specified deadline to ensure their applications are considered. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for aptitude tests and interviews, and successful applicants will be notified accordingly.

Applicants are advised to thoroughly read and understand the guidelines and requirements before submitting their applications. It is also recommended to seek assistance or clarification from the PTDF support team if needed. The selection process is competitive, and only the most qualified candidates will be awarded the scholarship.


The PTDF Scholarship Scheme for Overseas and Local 2024 presents a remarkable opportunity for students in Nigeria to pursue their studies in various fields related to the petroleum industry. This scheme not only provides financial support for tuition fees and living expenses but also offers access to mentorship programs and valuable industry experience.

By investing in the education and development of talented individuals, the PTDF Scholarship Scheme for 2024 contributes to the growth and sustainability of the Nigerian oil and gas sector. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this prestigious scholarship program.

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