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Ebonyi state indigenes have been getting scholarships through different means, including those coming from internal and external sponsors. One of the ones that has been in existence is the Ebonyi State Union UK scholarship for undergraduates. Since the commencement of this scholarship opportunity, Ebonyi indigenes have gotten offers for a one-off scholarship, regardless of their course of study.

In 2016, this body offered scholarship slots to over 26 people who were selected to represent the 13 local governments in the state. It was enough to cushion the challenges that students in high institutions experience due to a lack of funds.

EBONYI STATE UNION The United Kingdom and Ireland wish to announce that it is now receiving applications for the 2023–2024 undergraduate scholarship. Applications are now open for Ebonyi state indigenes from the 13 local governments.

Ebonyi State Union Scholarship Application Criteria:

  • It should be in the first year.
  • Must be an Ebonyi indigene
  • Must be a student duly admitted into any university.

Ebonyi Union Scholarship Duration:


Application deadline:

July 31, 2023.

How to apply:

Application for this scholarship is strictly through email. You are not going to fill out the form online. You have to print out the form and fill it out. After filling out the form, you can then send it to the email.

This application Form is Free and must not be paid for. If you have been charged for this form, please notify us by sending an email to: ebonyiukscholarships@gmail.com

Steps to follow:

  • Download the form using the button below or here
  • print it out
  • fill the form
  • Then email the completed scholarship application form and supporting documents to: ebonyiukscholarships@gmail.com.
  • Inquiries should be directed to ebonyiukscholarships@gmail.com
  • You can also check the Ebonyi Union scholarship website.

No application sent after the deadline will be accepted.

Scholarship core target

The core target of the Ebonyi State Union UK scholarship remains to join the state government in lifting the Ebonyians from poverty to lack of education. This offer is a means of lifting Ebonyians from poverty. It is also meant to cushion the challenges experienced by Ebonyians in high institutions. Many of the people who have benefited from this scholarship have described it as a means to escape the shame of going far and wide to hawk in order to make money for a fee.

The union has come together as the first to come for this purpose and wants it to be the best among other offers that may come in.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ebonyi State Union UK Scholarship

How to submit it?

How to approve it is very simple. First, download the form and fill them out. After filling in, you can scan the filled forms and other requirements and send them to the email in that form. It is easy to do.

Is it only applicable to 100L students?

I was awarded this scholarship in my 3rd year. The criteria say that it is for those in their first year. Therefore, try your luck regardless of your level.

Please I’m still seeking admission.
Can I apply for the scholarship?

No! Wait for next year.

Do you mean my matriculation number or jamb registration number?

Your school’s registration number.

Under the space for results and grades is it for university results or O’ level results?

You can use all or any of them.

To submit the filled application letter, do I have to snap the filled application form and my results and send them to the email?

Yes. You can snap it and send it to the email provided. Or you can scan it. It is very cheap if you can use your smartphone to snap it.

Our goal is to help you win this scholarship. Keep checking our site for updates.

Good luck!

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